At The Hammond, we support a thriving boarding community that enables boarders to experience a home from home environment whilst following academic and vocational training of the highest quality in dance, drama and music.


Boarders are nurtured to develop their individual talents and personalities. Staff and students live together with respect, understanding, friendship and acceptance, which develops self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.


Our boarders thrive in our supportive and friendly boarding community. During the day, students are educated and trained to the highest standards and boarding life complements these efforts by allowing students to develop culturally, morally and socially, whilst adopting the healthy values of honesty, courage, equality and fellowship.


Key life skills are learnt in our boarding community. These include communication, teamwork, confidence, leadership, responsibility, tolerance, self-management, time keeping and resilience. These skills and values are developed through a wide range of activities and experiences under the supervision of our experienced boarding staff team.


All boarders are treated equally; and The Hammond is committed to ensuring all young people are supported. Boarders will never be discriminated against; their cultural background, linguistic background, special educational needs, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, academic or sporting ability will never prevent full access to the experience of boarding.



Who do you share a room with?  Can I choose my own room?

When you join The Hammond, you can request to room share or request a single occupancy room. Rooms are allocated for you.

What furniture is in each room?

Every room has a bed, wardrobe, desk, set of drawers (one lockable) and a full-length mirror.

What happens if you can't take your child home for EXEAT?

The school will support you in arranging a host family for your child to stay with over EXEAT. The boarding houses close during this time.

What do students do at the weekend?

We offer a range of visits and trips which are usually suggested by the students. Check out our blog to see what we've been up to so far this year:

What happens if my child is ill?

We arrange for a member of our team to stay with your child in boarding. If your child requires medical attention, we will arrange that and accompany your child to the GP or hospital. Any prescription will be collected by the team and medication and administered as requested by the doctor.

What do you do after school during the week?

The school day usually finishes at 6pm. You will eat dinner in The Oasis then return to boarding by bus around 7pm. All students complete 45 - 1 hour of homework/prep (dependent on age). If you are in Y7 and Y8 you then have free time until lights out. If you are an older student, you will be given a curfew time if you so wish to go out with friends.

How can I contact my child?

All students own their own mobile phone. They can be contacted at any point during the evening until their phones are collected in 15 minutes before lights out. After which time, parents can contact boarding and speak to a member of staff via the duty phones.

My child is a fussy eater. Will she/he have enough to eat?

There is always a range of staple foods available at both houses ranging from fruit, snacks to full meals. We ensure the food order includes specific food types to cater for a whole range of dietary needs and preferences. Every day, the students are catered for at school and a selection of food is served in The Oasis. Every weekend, requested meals are provided and students have the opportunity to help with the preparation and cooking of these meals.

What happens to my dirty laundry?

Dance kits are laundered every day for all students. In addition, each year group is allocated a day when casual clothing, uniforms and bedding/towels will be laundered.

What is there to do in the local area?

Less than a 10-minute walk away we have two sports centres - Northgate Arena and Total Fitness. Some students attend a local church each Sunday and in the town centre there is a cinema, theatre and a range of shops and supermarkets.


Our boarding houses are run by a professional team who strive to provide a warm and homely environment for all boarding students. All staff are continuously updating their training with the Boarding School Association and other recognised training agencies. All are trained in the safeguarding of children and first aid. Senior house staff are also qualified in Boarding Management.


John Milton Hall is accommodation comprising 65 study bedrooms. Each of the rooms is equipped with en suite facilities. John Milton Hall is equipped with refurbished kitchens on each floor. John Milton Hall is situated off Liverpool Road and is a five-minute walk away from the city centre.


Kingsley Lodge is located on Liverpool Road and is a 10-minute walk away from the city centre. Kingsley Lodge houses 35 students with a wide variety of room types available. Kingsley Lodge has a mixture of single standard and en suite rooms. Kingsley Lodge has a large communal area and students have access to a large shared kitchen and shared bathroom facilities. 


We currently have pupils from around the world as part of our boarding community and welcome a small number in each year group, ensuring pupils integrate and make the most of the opportunity to live alongside pupils from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Every pupil whose home is overseas or whose parents currently live or are posted abroad must have a nominated guardian for the duration of their stay at Haberdashers’ Adams. This guardian must be resident in the UK and, ideally, within a reasonable journey of the school.

In the event of an emergency, the guardian will be the first point of contact. Parents will, of course, also be contacted, but the guardian will act in their absence ‘in loco parentis’ which will include attending school meetings and parents evenings.


All of the activities each week are photographed and published on the boarding blog which can be found here: