The Level 6 Trinity Diploma courses in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre provide the highest standards of education, training and guidance required for a career in both professional dance and musical theatre performance. Safe practice and wellbeing are at the heart of each programme whereby students’ capabilities and needs are fully considered.

Both Dance and Musical Theatre courses combine jazz technique including Luigi and Mattox with varied styles of Fossé, lyrical, MT-jazz and commercial dance. Within the field of contemporary dance, we cover Limon, Graham, Cunningham and release-based work, encouraging students to build confidence in improvisation and choreographic skills.






You can apply to The Hammond's Professional Diploma courses for September 2022 via the link below.

We are excited to announce that we now have a number of government funded opportunities available for The Hammond's Professional Dance and Musical Theatre Diploma courses (Level 6) for entry in September 2022. If you have any questions, please email:

September 2023 Entry

Applications for September 2023 Entry will open in our Autumn Term. We're currently designing a new website which will contain all the information you need to apply, so things will be looking very different soon. 

We have a number of upcoming events which will allow you to find our more about The Hammond and our courses which you can see below. To be the first to find out how to register for these events, please join our Mailing List and we'll be in touch.

Key Dates 2022/23

(many more to be added)


Saturday 17th September – Theatre Arts Experience Day

Friday 14th October – Theatre Arts Audition Day

15th – 16th October – Can You Dance

Saturday 5th November – School Open Day

Saturday 12th November – College Open Day

Thursday 17th November – Professional Diploma Experience Day

Saturday 19th November – Degree Open Day



Dance students take a daily ballet class and MT students take ballet three times weekly, which include pointe-work and virtuosity. Tap is offered twice weekly in five streamed-ability classes across the three year groups.


As part of both courses, further options are available including early morning ballet where students can choose to work towards RAD exams (up to advanced 2). We also encourage students to take extra syllabus exams in both ISTD Tap and Modern (up to advanced 2). In addition, some students choose our excellent A-level options whilst others opt for the Michael King Pilates Teacher training programme. With the addition of Latin & Ballroom in the final year, these elements alone constitute a highly challenging and exciting programme.


The Musical Theatre course is an exciting blend of dance, vocals and acting. It is directed at training strong, versatile dancers with a high standard of vocal and acting skills for ensemble performance work within the musical theatre industry. The programme includes one-to-one vocal technical sessions, vocal repertoire and style, ensemble work and training in harmonies. Acting classes cover analysis of text, creation of character, acting through song, as well as exploring a range of materials including plays. Each week students participate in a specially designed integrated musical theatre class combining all three disciplines simultaneously. The classes are led by a director, musical director and choreographer in a professional rehearsal environment.


Assessment and Progress


In addition to formative and summative assessments in all core disciplines and in live performance, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning through regular discussion, tutorials, reflective practice, self-assessment and target setting.


Performance and Workshops


Each year students are led by a professional creative team to showcase their skills in a full-book musical theatre production in The Hammond Theatre. Throughout their training students will also benefit from an eclectic programme of workshops and masterclasses led by external artists in the profession, providing a vast wealth knowledge and experience from the outside world.


Contextual Studies


Student’s practical training is supported and expanded through a robust programme of research projects, reflective practice and technique logs.


Graduate Year


As students transition into their third year there is strong emphasis on employment preparation and audition technique that motivate students towards their career goals. In daily classes they focus more on establishing their identity, artistic skills and performance qualities alongside refining their technical vocabulary. Students work with staff and visiting professionals to create a tailor-made showcase attended by the county's’ top agencies that can provide students with a stepping-stone into the industry. Students graduate from the musical theatre course as technically strong and versatile performers who can adapt with ease, exhibit self-confidence and demonstrate a unique and artistic skill base.

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