The Hammond's Fees for 2021 - 2022

Our fees cover general academic books, stationery and fees for academic examinations and personal accident insurance. Lunches are included for Lower School students.

Audition and Entrance Examination Fees

Lower School and Senior Dance Auditions     £45

Entrance Examination Fee (Theatre Arts)        £45

Registration Fee

A non-refundable £160 registration fee is payable when you register your child for a place at The Hammond. (The registration fee is not applicable for the Diploma courses).

Lower School (11- 16 years)

Education                                                                      £3,927 per term

Education and Theatre Arts Training                             £4,641 per term

Education and Dance Training                                      £6,375 per term  

Boarding - additional charge                                         £3,009 per term


Post 16

Theatre Arts Advanced                                                 £4,412 per term

Trinity Diploma in Professional Dance                          £6,171 per term

Trinity Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre           £6,171 per term

Refundable Deposit

This deposit is included in your child’s first term's account but is not counted against your school fees. It is refunded when your child leaves the school.




Music & Dance Scheme

The Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) is a remarkable and much admired part of the UK's education and training system. It is the Government's main vehicle for supporting exceptionally talented young musicians and dancers regardless of their background and financial circumstances. This funding is available to Dance  (11-16) students only.

Dance & Drama Award 

The Dance and Drama Awards (DaDAs) offer annual scholarships to exceptionally talented performing arts students studying at some of the country’s leading providers of professional vocational training in dance, drama and musical theatre. This funding is available to Professional Diploma students only.



The Funding Calculator below offers you an indication of what you might need to pay if you receive a place at The Hammond funded by the Music and Dance Scheme or the Dance and Drama Award Scheme. This calculator is designed to give only an estimate of the level of fees you may expect to pay dependent on the household income that you enter. If you have any further questions or would like clarification of any Funding information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please be aware that only students on our Lower School Dance course are eligible for MDS funding, and only students on our Professional Trinity Diploma courses are eligible for DaDA funding.

*Figures are based on 2021-2022 fees and are subject to change annually



Charges will be made for school trips, taxis (including those to and from medical appointments), school photographs and dance and music examination fees. A £45 production cost contribution is charged for student participation in school productions.

A £50 fee covers the cost of all internal performances. These and any other extras arising will be billed in advance or in arrears, at the discretion of the school.


The Hammond does offer private medical insurance. To subscribe to this scheme (full information here: link), parents are required to complete an application form for entry into this scheme (use this link).


A full term’s fees are required prior to entering The Hammond, along with the returnable deposit referenced above. For students whose first language is not English, extra language tuition under the English as an Additional Language Service (EAL) will be arranged, for which additional charges will apply. Please contact the School Secretary for more details.


These can be organised for music and drama students on request. Please contact the School Finance & Administration Department for more details.


Fees are strictly payable in advance, one week before the first day of each term, by any of the following methods:

Direct Bank Transfer

Bank Sort Code: 20-20-46 Account Number: 50436623
Please include the student’s name and your invoice number

Debit or Credit Cards

Please call the Finance Office on 01244 305 350 to pay via Credit or Debit Card.

Fees in Advance

Fees paid in advance (2 years +) protect you from future fee increases over the pre-paid period. For more information, please call or email the School Secretary or Finance Office.


To remove your child or terminate your contract with the school, a term’s notice in writing to the Principal is strictly required on or before the start of term. Failure to comply with this will result in a term’s fees being charged in lieu of notice.


The Hammond recommends private medical insurance for all students as they participate in very rigorous courses related to dance and musical theatre.  This coverage provides quick access to physio and specialist medical attention if required.  Families with children in Year 7 to 11 and in the Post 16 courses can enrol in the insurance scheme below. This scheme is provided at cost, with no increase added by the school.

AXA Private Medical Insurance Scheme

AXA Insurance Application


The fees protection scheme allows families to claim for fees paid if your child can not be in school due to illness or injury.  The application form below can be completed and returned to accounts@thehammondschool.co.uk.

School Fees Protection Insurance Details and Application